OK, so, a member of the group is making a story on based off the SM64 community, and we're part of the writting and devolopment, and it's gonna be the first novel written in the community, so it's a huge step, I have found the rough draft in our GMail's Google Drive, and it seems pretty good so far, and it is about us chasing after a punch of scattered robot parts to make an android to find a secret treasure and weapons, and the problem, a bunch of villains are attacking, such as the DT, Koopa Troop, who alllied with SMG3 and Dr. Eggman, two bandits related to two more other Mario crooks, possibly some other villains from more series, such as Vindimka, Lunar, X or someone else we get permission for by it's creator, and a group most of us should know but only me, the author and some of us get to know right now, but it's about time, as only one other machinima of SM64 had the ability to add them, and that's about it, anyway, the plotline is allowed to be barely edited by us. However, all of us, we need to contribute to this somewhat, the author is doing most of the writing, we also need to help make a trailer and some pictures, and also we're adding some other new things, to makes us more popular than the YTR ever was.