Schm2000, the Enderman King
Vital statistics
Position Shroomwood co-founder, Enderman King, Machinimist.
Age Unknown
Status Youtuber
Physical attributes
Height Same as Mario, 2 Blocks Tall in Minecraft
Weight Unknown
Ender, also known as Schm2000, is a machinimist and video maker who created the "YouTube" trilogy and is a co-founder of Shroomwood. He originally liked Star Wars and LEGO, but found ROBLOX and later searched if anybody made Super ROBLOX Galaxy  and found MarioMario54321, bringing him into the SM64 Community. He later started editing the MM54321 Wiki and attracted the attention of machinima fan Camjosh9, aka iJosh64.

In The War of YouTube!, his nemisis, Clawdeender, invades after 3 relics arrive in the dimensional cycle, sending his allies to take over and brainwash the other heroes, turning Starman3 into Starman3C and then having most of the others suffer the same fate. Schm declares was on the Clawdes. Ater collecting more relics, Schm is almost taken over completly he refuses to kill his friends, freeing everybody from the villains and proceeding to fight them until he was the winner.

In Rise of YouTube, he encounters Mario trying to take over everyone else by making them slaves. 

In Fall of YouTube he was attending a meeting with the others about why someoby they knew was insane.